Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eml Series E100 User Manual I Need Help With An Eml Series E 100 Outdoor Lighting? I Have No Idea How To Program It.?

I need help with an eml series e 100 outdoor lighting? i have no idea how to program it.? - eml series e100 user manual

One of the security people will light up if they determine someone light up I lost the instructions, with little buttons that look you say, are sensitive, said that after the sunset / sunrise, stress and safety. and another said that time and testing. even if you do not know that brand, at least tell me that you sell as planned. Thank you. :]

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david c said...

By switching to your test lamp lights up only when the unit of light in the darkness.
Setting the sensitivity of the sensor response by the Light
There should also be a change in the implementation of 5 10 30 Number of minutes that your device on the light
Consider this lighting unit will only work if it is dark enough view to the sunset
Media dusk turns off when enough light to see the sunset

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